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View all consumer vehicle reviews for the Used Toyota Prius on Edmunds, I have about , miles on the car and have had zero problem so far. Worst Issues · headlight randomly turns off while driving in the Prius. complaints · headlights malfunctioning in the Prius. 83 complaints. The problems experienced by owners of the Toyota Prius during the first days of ownership. Vehicle acceleration; Vehicle stability in poor conditions. Highlander Hybrid (7) · RAV4 Hybrid (23) · Prius (2) · Prius Prime (0) , , , , , , , , , , , , Find out what each Toyota warning light means, why they come on, how urgent the problem is and what you should do when you see them. This problem affects the , , , and model years of the The Toyota Tacoma, Highlander, 4Runner, Prius and Sequoia all have. Diagnosing The P Toyota Trouble Code Step 1: Inspecting The Gas Cap And EVAP Of See less Reply Save Apr 25, · Code P relates to the Evap.

Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered starting with the introduction of the Toyota Prius in Aside from age and wear, an air filter won't have big issues of its own. But improper filter use can lead to problems elsewhere. Any engine in any vehicle can.

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HOWEVER- I have developed an ABS Anti-lock brake and skid module problem and the estimate to fix it i See more. - Teresa Kirkpatrick, Toyota Prius. Jun 24, · I have obd codes C C and C on my Prius prius, Prius triangle of death due to water May 22, · "Trouble shooting. I have eliminated Prius, has had an issue starting. Feb 4, · A red triangle light with a check engine light indicates a problem with the.

Toyota Prius vehicles have 10 reported most commonly reported Toyota Prius problem is: The Center Multi-Function Display May Fail. I just purchased a Prius a week ago that had the "no upper display" problem. After reading on-line, I disassembled the dash and removed. Toyota Prius repairs by problem area · Engine · Transmission and Drivetrain · Brakes and Traction Control · Suspension and Steering · Electrical and Air.

The Toyota Prius has problems & defects reported by Prius owners. The worst complaints are lights, engine, and accessories - interior problems. The following chart shows the 28 most common problems for Toyota Prius. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's exterior lighting. Top Toyota Prius Problems · The Center Multi-Function Display May Fail · The Fuel Gauge May Read Incorrectly · Check Engine Light Due to Failed Three Way.

The Prius also had a handful of problems like its predecessor. It had the same headlight issue and a handful of other problems, like the inverter water. Prius Defects / Issues / Problems · Prius Rear door won't open from inside or outside. · Prius Passenger Side Speakers Not Working · Ate Key Fob. I brought my Prius with ,miles in as I was having problems with it. The dealer three weeks prior said need spark plugs and fuel injector clean on a. The Toyota Prius is known for its fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness. with complaints; I guess I would, in case the batteries gave problems.

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Toyota Prius Problems · , cars recalled in two days · Prius slow to accelerate · Toyota Prius park brake and spark noise · Toyota recalls more than There are reviews for the Toyota Prius, click through to see what your fellow consumers side view of Prius Toyota Never any problems. prius, can not fill gas tank without continuous stops and starts, and then fuel percolates out of the tank, onto shoes and ground. very unsafe. can cause. Low levels of transmission fluid or transmission fluid leaks are by far the most common type of transmission problem. Low levels of transmission fluid are. With the very first batch of Prius, there was an issue with the tank that caused capacity to shrink and the gauge to be inaccurate. However, that issue was. Retrospectively, the Toyota Prius had complaints, and 34% of issues had something to do with EXTERIOR LIGHTING problems. What is the most common. It was terrifying, and I'm now afraid to drive the car. I've had it in the shop twice. They can't reproduce the problem and won't work on it until they can. It's no secret that properly functioning brakes are an integral part of staying safe in your vehicle. Toyota Prius brake problems can put you at risk on the. Headlight Issue in Used Prius Once again, the models released in 20are the ones that have received the maximum number of complaints. The first. Description, Diagnostic and Repair Information for Toyota Prius OBD2-OBDII Engine Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit Range/Performance Problem.
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